Chem-biotic platform

While nature provides a large library of natural compounds optimized for their biological activity, these compounds are not necessarily suitable for clinical development in their native form. In fact, most natural drugs do fail during development due to adverse medicinal chemistry features. The Chem-biotic platform allows OxAG to identify these problems early in development and avoid costly late-stage failures. OxAG modify drugs in-house very early in development according to med-chem aspects and in line with a focused structure activity program. In this platform, we change important features like activity, toxicity, blood and tissue behaviour, metabolic stability and include med-chem and down-stream chemistry (click chemistry, pro-drug approach, Trojan horse approach) to create innovative lead candidates. The modifications are always bio-assay guided, with a very short information flow directly from the internal screening units to the synthesis.

To carry out this work, the Chem-biotic platform utilizes a fully fitted synthesis laboratory, with all the equipment and instrumentation for compound production, isolation and purification. For chemical verification, OxAG has its own chemical analytical LC-MS unit and permanent access to NMR for compound identification.  

Disc-Biotic platform
Dev-Biotic platform