Since it was founded in 2017, the Oxford Antibiotic Group has grown from a pure antibiotic development company into a bio-pharmaceutical company conducting multifaceted innovative projects in a number of indications. Currently the company’s pipeline consists of a late-stage biocide compound, which currently is undergoing market approval studies, two pharmaceutical first-in-class programs, TetramOx® and NeuroMETOX® and a promising pipeline for company development.   

Based on our in-house research capacity and the broad expertise of the OxAG team in pre-clinical and clinical development, OxAG established a full operational research company with high technology laboratory and innovative test platforms. These resources allow OxAG to quickly develop its candidates, establish new research programs, contribute to innovative multi-centre collaborations and carry out cutting edge contract research projects.

OxAG´s main spirit is to create outstanding assets by using experience and energy for rational decisions with the focus not to waste time and money. For this strategy and our scientific approaches, the company is well known in the scientific community and won the 2020 “Oxfordshire Prestige Award” as “Most innovative drug discovery and development company of the year”.

The company offers investors an excellent investment opportunity in a successful international team which, in addition to its scientific expertise, characterized above all by its industrial development know-how, its predictive planning security, its risk management and its successful track record.

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In addition to investors, the Oxford Antibiotic Group has also received financial support from the following institutions: