Innovative Discovery and Development

Over the past 3 billion years natural selection has produced a near-perfect library of small molecule ligands that specifically target macromolecules and effect their biologic activity. The chemical complexity and functional diversity of this evolutionarily developed natural product library is highly superior to any library designed by pharmaceutical scientists due to the countless rounds of “high throughput screens” performed by nature to remove inactive- and retain active-compounds.

It has in fact long been recognized that natural products are the richest source of chemical diversity available and represent the most successful strategy of small molecule drug discovery. Industry has long utilized this resource and about 25% to 50% of approved drugs are derived from natural products. In fact, one analysis estimates that more than 60% of the 1073 NCEs approved between 1981 and 2010 are natural products, derivatives of natural products, or synthetic analogues of natural products.

Building on the vast variety of natural compounds and their evolutionarily optimized form and function we employ our in-house screening and development platforms to develop novel antibiotics.