Dev-biotic platform

The Dev-bioticTM platform is one of OxAG´s most important pre-clinical development platforms.

Besides biological activity, toxicology and stability are the most challenging factors in drug development. As a consequence, OxAG has established different units to identify issues early in development and solve them using med-chem modification.

Toxicology Unit is a broad toxicological screening platform using high throughput systems to determine general toxicity (Alamar Blue, AnnexinV/PI, Caspase, MTT-Assay, hERG-Test) and genotoxic/mutagenic potential of compounds (HPRT Assay, Comet Assay, Micronucleus Assay, Mitotic index).

In addition to cell-based systems, OxAG´s innovative C. elegans screening platform allows the company to determine compound toxicity in a simple organism. This can be done at low cost and early in development and eliminates high-risk compounds, without the need to be tested on expensive vertebrate studies.

Pharmacology Unit determines important ADME features and in-vitro metabolism like plasma stability, microsomal stability, cytochrome P450 behaviour and hepatocyte stability. The majority of OxAG test systems are cell- and organ-based and provide quantitative chemical analytical read-outs and metabolic profiling. 

Chem-Biotic platform
Disc-Biotic platform