Beside the antibacterial activity, toxicology is one of the most challenging factor in antibacterial development. As a consequence, OxAG has established a broad toxicological screening platform in HTS to check the general toxicity (Alamar Blue, AnnexinV/PI, Caspase, MTT-Assay, hERG-Test) and the genotox/mutagenic (HPRT Assay, Comet Assay, Micronucleus Assay, Mitotic index) activity of test compounds.

In addition to cell based systems, our C.elegans based toxicity platform is envisioned to give an indication of toxicity potential early in the product development pipeline. This approach will eliminate high-risk compounds, without the need to test on vertebrates. Furthermore, the relatively high throughput offered by this C.elegans testing platform will facilitate medicinal chemistry approaches where promising lead compounds are associated with high toxicity risks. In this situation, small quantities of a large number of related compounds can be tested to avoid key alerts.